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About the Brand

“Do what you love – love what you do.” That attitude’s been our recipe since we started Toppers back in 1991. We’re pizza people and damn proud of it. We’re happiest when we’re elbows deep in dough, and happy pizza people make better pizza and topperstix™. It’s a scientific fact, all that love and happiness transfers into every bite. We’re just rowdy rebels shaking our pizza cutters at the big chains, insisting on doing things our way... like using Wisconsin cheese, closely guarding our secret sauce and our recipes, while making fresh dough from scratch in our kitchens every morning. No matter where we go, whether it’s Canada, Russia, Thailand or France – well not France – we’ll keep doing things the same way, the right way. Because we’re building something special together. So, what brought you here? Was it an irrational love of pizza? Sounds like we’ve got a lot in common.