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Way Back Machine

Someone once said, you can’t go forward without looking back. With that in mind, we give you the Way Back Machine offering a glimpse of our past. Here’s a series of events that aren’t just momentous occasions for us, but for mankind in general. Click on a year to review our history.
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Year that George Orwell prophesized government will be watching over everything we do. Scott Gittrich, while working for a national pizza chain, had an idea. The idea: I’m sick of these guys watching over me, forcing me to serve lesser quality items. So, he took his idea, wrote it down and like a fine wine, allowed it to age properly.


Champagne corks fly, everyone cheers. Toppers Pizza opens. Ironically, in Champaign, Illinois.


The idea of Topperstix™ is born in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Within seconds after inventing Topperstix™, they’re sold to the first person that sees them.


Both Stevens Point and Eau Claire, Wisconsin are given the ultimate gift – their very own Toppers. They repay this gift by making these two stores incredibly popular.


For the first time, someone other than us can open their own Toppers. Thus beginning, our Franchisee program.


We celebrate our 10th store opening in Oshkosh, WI.


20 stores!


We marked our 21st birthday by opening our 48th store. We also celebrated properly and reacquainted ourselves with the Hangover Helper Pizza.


By 2015, we plan on opening 150 stores, and by 2020, assuming the world isn’t enslaved by an advanced alien race, we’re aiming to have opened 500 stores. Want in on the fun? Open your own Toppers franchise.